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Today's Health Tip  

Doctors Article – Asthma

Asthma – Causes and symptoms
Asthma is caused by inflammation in the airways. When an asthma attack occurs, the muscles surrounding the airways become tight and the lining of the air passages swells. This reduces the amount of air that can pass by. In sensitive people, asthma symptoms can be triggered by breathing in allergy-causing substances. Common symptoms of Asthma may include wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness and coughing. Symptoms are often worse at night or in the early morning, or in response to exercise or cold air. Some people with asthma only rarely experience symptoms, usually in response to triggers, whereas other may have marked persistent airflow obstruction.

Asthma is caused by environmental and genetic factors. These factors influence how severe asthma is and how well it responds to medication. Asthma caused due to inflammation of bronchioles has become common these days. It is perhaps due to increased pollution and lower vitality of people.

Treatment at Swas healthcare
Naturopathy uses a combination of physical treatments, dietary changes, some herbs and yoga. These give quick results and prove useful in most chronic diseases.Little changes in diet, mainly a healthier food choice with more of warm items like soups can act as soothing/stabilizing agents. Tulsi (Basil) and ginger tea can act as a natural bronchodilator. Cleansing diet consisting mainly of fruits – Apple, pomegranate and Papaya and raw food – salads, sprouts of green gram (moong) and chatni made of ginger, roasted black gram (dadiya), curry leaves, and green turmeric would improve the condition to a huge extent. Decrease of milk intake and cooked food and supplementing these with dry fruits like soaked dates, black raisins and almonds would reduce the breathing problems.These dietary changes if supplemented by Naturopathy treatments of chest pack, warm leg pack and spinal pack and also fomentation of upper back and massage for neck and shoulders would increase the blood flow to these areas, improving the condition.

Asthma is a reversible condition, not many people are able to go that path; instead try to manage it through medication. In most cases the medication progressively moves to increasingly stronger medication from Anti-histamines to Bronchodilators to steroids. We encourage you to follow our treatment which is completely natural and also over time helps you reverse the condition completely.

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